Sunday, March 29, 2015

Product Highlight - MilkScreen Home Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk

After abstaining for nine months of pregnancy, a lot of new moms wonder if they can drink while they are breastfeeding their new baby. The answer is yes - in small quantities and at the right time.

Any alcohol you consume will enter your blood stream, and your breastmilk. However, it's a lot less dangerous for your baby than drinking during pregnancy. While your baby is inside of you, there's a direct link between you and your baby, which makes drinking while pregnant very hazardous to your baby. Drinking during lactation involves more steps between the alcohol and your baby, so less affects your baby

Here are some steps you can take to decrease the risk to your baby:

1. Time your drinking! As weird as it looks, the best time to drink is while you are breastfeeding your baby (or right after breastfeeding). The alcohol will not enter your breastmilk very much while you are feeding, and will be mostly cleared out of your breastmilk by the next feeding. (Alcohol peaks in your breastmilk about 30-60 minutes after drinking, and one drink will typically be mostly eliminated from your body about 2-3 hours after drinking.)

2. Make sure that you're only drinking lightly. One drink is about all your body can handle and still be able to breastfeed as often as your baby wants - the more alcohol you drink, the longer it takes for the alcohol to clear out of your system. Also consider the age of your baby - younger babies have more immature organs and can't process as well the little bit of alcohol that passes through.

3. Use the MilkScreen strips to test your breast milk for alcohol. Every mom's body is different - some can process alcohol faster, and others metabolize alcohol longer. By taking two minutes and testing your breastmilk with the MilkScreen strips, you can see for sure whether or not there's alcohol left in your milk, and whether or not you should have your baby breastfeed for the feeding, or use stored milk/formula instead.

Deciding to drink or not while breastfeeding is a very personal decision - but using these tips can help you & your baby to stay health if you do choose to have a drink or two.

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