Monday, July 18, 2016

The BEST Baby Shower Gifts!

The BEST Baby Shower Gifts!

When helping someone pick out a baby shower gift we like to suggest useful and fun items that might not be on a new parent’s registry. The products we pick are must-have baby items and are sure to be used and appreciated by baby and parent, but most likely won’t be found at the mass-market retailers. Below are just a few of the great items we suggest. Visit us in store for more ideas and beautifully wrapped shower baskets and gift bags! 

Mia the Lamb by CaaOcho Friends
Mia is made of 100% natural rubber and is certified Non-Toxic.  Mia has slightly ridged ears to sooth sore teething gums and she promotes sensory development with different textures for tactile exploration. Mia is sure to be one of your baby’s favorite toys.  Mia is produced sustainably and is completely biodegradable. 
Price:  $19.99 

Skwish by Manhattan Toys
The Skwish Toy is the perfect first toy for any baby.  This cognitive toy can be rolled like a ball and has colorful sliding beads.  The toy squishes and will then return to its original shape.  It appeals to baby’s visual and tactile curiosity and is a source of wonder and learning.  Made from renewable wood with a water based color finish.
Price:  $17.00  

American Sign Language Blocks by Uncle Goose
Babies know what they want as early as 6 months and sign language gives them a way to let you know what they’re interested in before they can communicate verbally.  Uncle Goose Sign Language Blocks are made of Basswood and give parent and baby the opportunity to learn to sign letters.  Supplemented with a sign language program they’re sure to help baby communicate before she or he can talk.  A must have for every new family!
Price: $45.00 

Baby Shusher by The Sleep Miracle
The baby Shusher is a doctor-approved and thoroughly tested technique to break a baby’s cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex.  The rhythmic “shush” reminds baby of the in-utero womb noises.  It has a timer option, volume control and is versatile and portable for use in the car, stroller, crib or anywhere!
Price:  $38.00 

Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set by The Honest Company
Treat mom and baby with a full set of Honest products made with safe & natural ingredients.  The set is wrapped in a beautiful, reusable wooden box made from sustainable wood.  A must have to start baby off with The Honest Company’s best products!
Price: $51.50

…and don’t forget something for Mom! 

My Mother, My Friend Necklace by Becoming
We like making the mom-to-be feel special at her baby shower so we like to suggest bringing something special just for her.  Becoming makes amazing necklaces’ and jewelry with special messages and special meaning.   The “My Mother, My Friend” necklace is sure to be a hit with mom.
Price:  $64.00

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Real Show

Happy 4th of July!

I love celebrating Independence Day!  For me it’s always represented the kickoff of summer.  Having the day fall on a Monday is a nice bonus as the three-day weekend is a welcome and needed break from work, obligations and general stress!  I try to remember to reflect for a moment that we are celebrating our Independence and the birth of our great country, but for most of the weekend I’m focused on my family, barbecues and fireworks!

Every year since the birth of our first, we’ve made an effort to spend the 4th with families we’ve grown close to with children of the same age.   We spend the day swimming, barbecuing and enjoying a little adult company while the kids run, jump, play and have a ball with their friends.  This year, we are going to make our way over to a local park to watch the annual firework show.  The kids are already super excited and I’m told that the show we’re planning to watch never disappoints.  My husband (I already know) is going to insist we enhance the show with patriotic music played by a local radio station.  This is a relic from his childhood and the kids and I will groan, but I secretly enjoy the music too and I have a strong feeling the kids will do the same when they are older!  When the show starts, I have no doubt it will be amazing, but this year the fireworks in the sky will not be the show I watch.  

I’ve seen plenty of fireworks shows and I’ve enjoyed them all and someday in the future I will enjoy watching them again.  The show I will watch is on the faces of my two kids.  Their little faces literally light up in the dark with every explosion and every new flare brings a new wonderful expression. I watch the show through their eyes even though I’m not watching it at all. On this day and especially in this moment I’m focused on and reminded of what is important…it is my kids and my family. So, I’m sure the fireworks will be amazing this year, but for me, the real show isn’t in the sky, its on two faces that make it all worth it.

Happy Independence Day from A Mother’s Haven!