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Product Highlight - MilkScreen Home Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk

After abstaining for nine months of pregnancy, a lot of new moms wonder if they can drink while they are breastfeeding their new baby. The answer is yes - in small quantities and at the right time.

Any alcohol you consume will enter your blood stream, and your breastmilk. However, it's a lot less dangerous for your baby than drinking during pregnancy. While your baby is inside of you, there's a direct link between you and your baby, which makes drinking while pregnant very hazardous to your baby. Drinking during lactation involves more steps between the alcohol and your baby, so less affects your baby

Here are some steps you can take to decrease the risk to your baby:

1. Time your drinking! As weird as it looks, the best time to drink is while you are breastfeeding your baby (or right after breastfeeding). The alcohol will not enter your breastmilk very much while you are feeding, and will be mostly cleared out of your breastmilk by the next feeding. (Alcohol peaks in …