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The BEST Baby Shower Gifts!

The Real Show

Happy 4th of July!
I love celebrating Independence Day!For me it’s always represented the kickoff of summer.Having the day fall on a Monday is a nice bonus as the three-day weekend is a welcome and needed break from work, obligations and general stress!I try to remember to reflect for a moment that we are celebrating our Independence and the birth of our great country, but for most of the weekend I’m focused on my family, barbecues and fireworks!
Every year since the birth of our first, we’ve made an effort to spend the 4th with families we’ve grown close to with children of the same age.We spend the day swimming, barbecuing and enjoying a little adult company while the kids run, jump, play and have a ball with their friends.This year, we are going to make our way over to a local park to watch the annual firework show.The kids are already super excited and I’m told that the show we’re planning to watch never disappoints.My husband (I already know) is going to insist we enhance the sho…