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Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings Time by Synthia Praglin

Daylight savings time will begin at 2:00am on Sunday November 1st when we turn the clocks back one hour. Adjusting to the shortened day and lack of sunlight can be hard on everyone, as we are forced to restructure our days. Here are some tips that may help make the adjustment a bit smoother.

On Sunday morning, your child will likely wake at their normal time, which unfortunately may be 1 hour earlier according to the new time. Keep their day and routine as close to normal as possible, according to the new time (meaning put them down for naps based on the new time). If bedtime was 7:30 on the old clock, it will now say 6:30. Try to keep them up until 7:00 on the new time unless they are so tired that you may miss the sleep window, in which case put them to bed at 6:30 and then begin to push bedtime ahead each day until you get to 7:30. Wake ups may continue to be a bit early for the first couple of days, but most will adjust within the first week. Watching the sleep cues and staying…

Help - my child is teething!

Before your little one hits the terrible twos, she will hit teething. Mommas need something that works quick - and what's better than a gel that you can put right on that red, angry gum where a tooth that is about to pop through.

Hyland's Teething Gel is the first and only all-natural teething gel on the market. This homeopathic formula contains no benzocaine (see our other blog post about the FDA warning on benzocaine). No sugar. No artificial flavoring. No dyes or coloring agents. Just 100% natural, effective treatment - the only product like it on the market.

Hyland's teething tablets also provide a natural, homeopathic formula for symptoms of simple restlessness and wakeful irritability due to the cutting of teeth. They are a favorite of moms and babies as they dissolve quickly and are highly effective. They reduce pain, inflammation, fever, drooling, and the discomfort of teething.

Need extra help with teething... maybe a toy to distract and soothe your wailing baby…

Motherlove Products - Nurturing Life

More than a generation ago, Motherlove was founded to help women discover the bond between motherhood and mother earth. Today, women around the world are experiencing that connection through their herbal care products for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and babies.

Creating the purest products of the finest quality, Motherlove Herbal Company is dedicated to using certified organic ingredients for a holistic way to soothe, pamper, and enrich the pregnant or breastfeeding body. Certified cruelty-free and without the use of preservatives, artificial fragrances, or petroleum-based additives (such as mineral oil) found in most body care products, Motherlove products instill confidence and peace of mind as you nurture yourself and the life within.

Used to soothe the discomforts of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and pamper the body, these products are also safe and gentle on baby's skin. Motherlove products have been proven so effective they have earned the trust and continued support of …

Lily Padz - Breastfeeding Made Simple

LilyPadz are the revolutionary new alternative to traditional breast pads combining such unique features as flexibility, breathability, invisibility, and the ability to stick to you to provide the kind of protection every expectant and nursing mother needs.

LilyPadz are reusable non-absorbent breast pads - they are the only breast pads that adhere to you and not your bra - which means better leakage protection.

Their unique design maintains pressure on the nipple and forms a non-absorbent barrier to prevent breast milk leakage. No more soggy breast pads, so you and your clothes stay dry!

Here are some of the benefits of LilyPadz:

LilyPadz can be worn overnight and with strapless tops. This has been proven to be one of their most popular advantages. Because of their special shape, LilyPadz can be used without a bra - a luxury for any nursing mother.

LilyPadz go unnoticed under almost any choice of clothing and can be used while swimming. They must be applied when dry and to your dry skin,…

Mothers' Gathering & Your Journey Through Motherhood

You've survived 9 months of pregnancy. You've made it through the excitement of labor and delivery, and now you're ready to head home and begin life with your baby. Woohoo! Except you get home and frantically realize you have no idea what you're doing!

We know that your first year with your baby is challenging - You're tired, overwhelmed, and confused - This is where Mothers' Gathering comes in. Whether this baby is your first or fourth, we offer classes that are catered to your specific needs. Still wondering if Mothers' Gathering is right for you? Here's a list of just a few of the benefits...

It is a great bonding activity. Parent and child classes offer a wonderful opportunity for bonding, which ultimately provides a sense of security and fosters a positive self esteem. Bonding is necessary to help your little one grow and flourish. In a mommy and me class, you will interact together and participate in similar activities that will promote bonding.

It …

Breastfeeding Support Group & You

We realize that for many women breastfeeding can be challenging. That's why at A Mother’s Haven, we offer a breastfeeding support group for all mothers who are nursing their baby and have any questions, need information, or want the camaraderie of other breastfeeding moms.

The group is facilitated by a highly knowledgeable Certified Lactation Consultant, who has breastfed her own children and has years of experience working with mothers and babies.

The Breastfeeding Support Group meets at our boutique in Encino on Tuesdays from 10am. This informative drop-in group is only $10 per visit.

If you have any questions or breastfeeding problems you need help with, please call us at (818) 380-3111 or email We can help you figure out if the Breastfeeding Support Group or a one-on-one Lactation Consult is best for you and your baby!

Here are just a couple of our testimonials...

“Thanks for being there for me during Lily’s nursing strike. Your kind words and advice wer…

Medela TheraShells - Two Solutions In One

Sore nipples, engorgement and flat/inverted nipples can be challenges for breastfeeding mothers but TheraShells can help provide relief between feedings. Constructed of medical grade polypropylene,TheraShells are sterile and are ready for immediate use in hospital.

What can TheraShells do for you?

Here are some features and benefits...

- Help flat/inverted nipples or engorgement with small-holed backs

- Help soothe sore nipples with large-holed backs

- Help keep nipples dry and prevent further irritation

- Vented fronts provide air flow for comfort

- Help prevent leaks. The foam absorbs well and you also have the cup to hold leaking milk

- More flattering appearance under clothes than other shells and inconspicuous under clothes. You can even use them with nursing pads if you want a flawlessly smooth look under clothes.

- It's best not to wear them at night, so you don't put pressure on your breast in case you sleep on your side, but they help tremendously if you're up …

Holidays, Travel and Sleep Disruptions by Synthia Praglin

The scene goes something like this… your baby is finally sleeping through the night and naps are generally going well. And then the holidays arrive. Whether you are traveling or having guests stay at your house, holidays can be disruptive to a child’s sleep. Routines often go out the window, and traveling across time zones can be tricky. The good news is, some children actually travel very well, are flexible and easily adapt to new surroundings. These children can return to their normal sleep routines with little or no difficulty. Others tend to be creatures of habit and resist sleep due to the new environment and/or the lack of a predictable schedule. Before you cancel those plans, try some of the tips below!

Typically, a child who sleeps well at home will usually sleep well while traveling. Still, you might want to consider bringing along some familiar reminders of home for the new sleep environment. For crib sleepers, grab the sheets right off the bed, and anything else your child…

Featured Instructor - Interview with Synthia Praglin

We hope that you're enjoying finding out more about our different instructors who teach the prenatal classes, mommy&me groups, baby music classes, and all the other workshops and sessions we do here at A Mother's Haven Boutique & Educational Center.

Our next interview is with Synthia Praglin - so many moms have had the benefit of being with Synthia in our Mothers' Gathering classes, which are wonderful education-support-community groups where new moms are together with other moms who have babies the same age. Everyone's going through the same stages and issues, and the instructor informs and supports the whole group through the huge life change of raising a baby!

AMH: What can new moms expect to learn or get from your Mothers' Gathering class?
Synthia: First and foremost, a sense of connectedness. Being a new mom can be very isolating and these groups can be very helpful in minimizing the isolation and loneliness. Additionally, I want moms to feel ‘normal.”…

BabyGanics - Naturally Safe & Non Toxic

Are you a clean freak but also care about the environment? The founders of BabyGanics sure are, and as a parent, they're betting you are too!

While some people don’t think twice about the everyday products they use to clean their homes, parents often do, and most importantly - they want to keep their children healthy and safe. The fact is that many common household products contain questionable ingredients and substances that can easily be avoided.

For years, BabyGanics has been the trusted brand of parents worldwide, providing a set of solutions specifically created for the growing family. Among our favorite products are The All Purpose Cleaner and All purpose Surface Wipes which we obsessively to clean all surfaces and products...

So what makes these products so unique and beneficial?

- Safe – Free from harm, injury or risk.
- Natural – Products sourced from nature, i.e. plant based sources.
- Sustainable – Materials that are readily biodegradable, provide for long term well b…

Floortime by Danielle Vorzimer

When was the last time you played with your child? Were you multitasking? Were you holding your PHD (preferred handheld device)? Can you remember the last time you “simply” waited, watched, and wondered? When our babies are newly born, we tend to naturally do a lot of watching and waiting and wondering. But very often, as time progresses, we create new and efficient routines. Our babies and children become more independent. We tend to focus our energy on doing – making money, making food, cleaning, packing, planning – family maintenance. We live in an extraordinarily fast-paced, highly purposeful and demanding culture. It is easy to consider it superfluous to play. But consider this: it is as important for you to play with your children without judgment, agenda, or distraction as it is for them to have clean clothes on their backs.

I would like to present a challenge. Let’s set aside some time every day engaging in focused, child-led, non-judgmental play with our children. …