Monday, October 26, 2015

Help - my child is teething!

Before your little one hits the terrible twos, she will hit teething. Mommas need something that works quick - and what's better than a gel that you can put right on that red, angry gum where a tooth that is about to pop through.

Hyland's Teething Gel is the first and only all-natural teething gel on the market. This homeopathic formula contains no benzocaine (see our other blog post about the FDA warning on benzocaine). No sugar. No artificial flavoring. No dyes or coloring agents. Just 100% natural, effective treatment - the only product like it on the market.

Hyland's teething tablets also provide a natural, homeopathic formula for symptoms of simple restlessness and wakeful irritability due to the cutting of teeth. They are a favorite of moms and babies as they dissolve quickly and are highly effective. They reduce pain, inflammation, fever, drooling, and the discomfort of teething.

Need extra help with teething... maybe a toy to distract and soothe your wailing baby -- Look no further than Sophie the Giraffe. Derived from natural rubber and food paint, this favorite toy is safe to chew. Her shape is easy for baby's hands to grasp, and she makes a delightful squeak when her tummy or head are squeezed. Her unique smell -the singular scent of natural rubber- also makes Sophie identifiable amid all other toys.

If the original Sophie is too big for your itty bitty, there's now a smaller version of everyone's favorite giraffe! The Sophie Teething Ring is ergonomically shaped and perfectly sized to fit your little one's hands and mouth!

A close cousin to Sophie the Giraffe, Chan Pie Gnon is also proudly handmade in the French Alps with the finest natural rubber (phthalate-free) and food quality paints.

What about a teether that also helps your child eat fruits and vegetables... The Baby Safe Feeder is the multitasker that does just that! It's the easy way to give your little one fresh food without added salt, spices, sugar, or preservatives. You can now introduce your baby to fruits, vegetables, and snacks of your choice without the risk of choking. It's easy to use. Just remove ring, put food into the Baby Safe Feeder mesh bag, and screw tight. That's it! For help with teething before your baby is ready for solid food, you can freeze breastmilk or formula in an ice cube tray and then pop it into the Baby Safe Feeder for your baby to gnaw on. (Check out our other blog post about how to best clean your Baby Safe Feeder.)

The Tiny Teether is made of washable vinyl. Tiny hands can easily grip, bite, and squeeze this soft and squeezable, vanilla-scented teether ball. It helps baby's gums feel better while they are going through the teething stage.

What if your baby is more into the pacifier concept? The RaZberry teether may be the solution for you. The bumpy multi-textures of this bright and cheerful teether will comfort your baby with teething relief and soothe those sore little gums. This silicone teether is cleaner and healthier for baby, too. You can freeze the teether for extra soothing comfort.

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