Monday, October 5, 2015

BabyGanics - Naturally Safe & Non Toxic

Are you a clean freak but also care about the environment? The founders of BabyGanics sure are, and as a parent, they're betting you are too!

While some people don’t think twice about the everyday products they use to clean their homes, parents often do, and most importantly - they want to keep their children healthy and safe. The fact is that many common household products contain questionable ingredients and substances that can easily be avoided.

For years, BabyGanics has been the trusted brand of parents worldwide, providing a set of solutions specifically created for the growing family. Among our favorite products are The All Purpose Cleaner and All purpose Surface Wipes which we obsessively to clean all surfaces and products...

So what makes these products so unique and beneficial?

- Safe – Free from harm, injury or risk.
- Natural – Products sourced from nature, i.e. plant based sources.
- Sustainable – Materials that are readily biodegradable, provide for long term well being and are responsibly derived from our natural resources.
- Renewable resources – Ingredients that are replaced by nature at a rate faster than we consume.
- Healthy lifestyle – Making choices that benefit our health and well being while avoiding risk and potentially harmful materials.
- Gentle – Neutral and safe formulations that are safe to touch, breathe and handle.
- Convenient - They're so easy to use - just a spritz ofthe spray or a swipe of the wipe cleans the dirtiest of grimes.
- Value – Affordability of premium products at everyday prices.
- Non toxic – Products that have low or no toxicity when used liberally and as directed.

The Babyganics Floor Cleaner offers a safe place to play, skid, sleep, crawl, eat, roll around and occasionally walk... while the BabyGanics Hand Sanitizer keeps your hands clean, moisturized and safe with its non-toxic formula. And what about those mysterious stains and odors found on clothes, bibs, carpets, bedding and pretty much everywhere? They found the solution for that too with their BabyGanics Stain Remover Spray - safe as it is effective!

You can order all these products on our website or drop by the store to pick some up.
Feel free to contact us by calling (818) 380-3111 or email us at

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