Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lily Padz - Breastfeeding Made Simple

LilyPadz are the revolutionary new alternative to traditional breast pads combining such unique features as flexibility, breathability, invisibility, and the ability to stick to you to provide the kind of protection every expectant and nursing mother needs.

LilyPadz are reusable non-absorbent breast pads - they are the only breast pads that adhere to you and not your bra - which means better leakage protection.

Their unique design maintains pressure on the nipple and forms a non-absorbent barrier to prevent breast milk leakage. No more soggy breast pads, so you and your clothes stay dry!

Here are some of the benefits of LilyPadz:

LilyPadz can be worn overnight and with strapless tops. This has been proven to be one of their most popular advantages. Because of their special shape, LilyPadz can be used without a bra - a luxury for any nursing mother.

LilyPadz go unnoticed under almost any choice of clothing and can be used while swimming. They must be applied when dry and to your dry skin, but once they are in place, water does not penetrate them or cause them to fall off. So your LilyPadz are effective as you go from dry to wet to dry again and again.

If you don't plan on nursing, you can continue to wear LilyPadz as your milk dries up. You may experience some discomfort initially as with any weaning situation, but this zero demand triggers your body to regulate its milk supply down and eventually dry up.

LilyPadz can be used with lanolin or other nipple creams. However, because these creams are oily by nature, it may interfere with LilyPadz ability to adhere to you. We recommend applying the cream only to your nipple and areola (leaving the edges dry to adhere to the LilyPadz) and wearing the LilyPadz with good support to avoid slippage.

LilyPadz are manufactured from 100% medical grade, gas permeable, silicone compounds, so even if you're allergic to latex, it is unlikely you will have a reaction. Make sure to wash well before use and always be sure to rinse well to avoid soap residues.

A study has shown that LilyPadz users have decreased risk of common breastfeeding complications, such as incidences of mastitis, thrush, nipple injury, and duct clogging compared to use of traditional cotton nursing pads.

If properly cared for and used as directed, LilyPadz have a life expectancy of up to 2 months.

Unlike adhesives that wash away, their tacky lining is renewed with washing. Washing daily using an oil-cutting soap is important. The use of hot water while lathering the tacky surfaces ensures effective removal of lint and oils that interfere with any ability to stick. Always rinse well and air dry only.

Best Tips for Application and Use:

You can use LilyPadz whenever you need leakage protection or to accommodate strapless/braless clothing styles.

1. Peel the soft silicone LilyPadz from the product holders (round hard plastic domes) before use. Keep product holder to store your LilyPadz on when not in use.

2. Flip the LilyPadz inside out (the tacky side bowed out).

3. With a finger in the center of the LilyPadz, firmly place it on your breast, depressing your nipple.

4. With nipple in flattened position, smooth the edges down over the skin, making sure to smooth out any air pockets that might form underneath.

While feeding, your LilyPadz can be stored on the plastic domes used in packaging. This keeps the tacky surface clean and ready to go again. However, when on the go, it is convenient, discrete, and sanitary to simply place the removed pad toward the cleavage area of the opposite breast (outside the bra on the skin) when feeding.

Lilypadz are available at A Mother's Haven. To order your LilyPadz online, please feel free to visit our website or calling us at (818) 380-3111. You can also email us at info@shopthehaven.com.

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