Thursday, April 9, 2015

Info about Nursing Bras & Tanks

At A Mother's Haven, we have a wide selection of nursing bras and tanks ranging in size from 32B to 44H. We carry Bravado, Medela, Glamour Mom, Milkalicious, and Bella Materna.

I'm not sure what size or style to get.
No worries - our certified bra fitters are available every day to help you figure out the best bra for you! No appointment necessary - although it's a good idea to come when you have 15-30 minutes free in order to try on several different styles & sizes.

How exactly is a nursing bra different from a regular bra?
Nursing bras either have a clasp at the top of each side that you can undo to lower the cup or else the cup is designed to be able to slide to the side to allow your baby to feed. Basically, it's 'easy access' for the baby! Most nursing tanks are also made so that you can unclasp each side and lower it down, or else some tanks are made to be lifted up for the baby to feed.

How many nursing bras should I buy?
When pregnant and when your baby is first born, most women like to have at least 2 bras - one to wear and one in the wash (and maybe another clean one in the drawer). These first bras should not be underwire, and are often sleep bras or other stretchy bras to accommodate your changing breasts. About 4 weeks after your milk comes in and your breasts have settled into their lactation size, many women like to get a few 'cup' bras - these bras are more supportive, a bit nicer looking, and can be underwire if you need the support. Like any piece of clothing, if you find a style & size you love, buy it in every color!

When should I buy a nursing bra?
If you've already had your baby and you're breastfeeding, then the answer is now! Having a comfortable, supportive bra that allows your baby to feed easily can make a huge difference in your life as a new mom.

If you're pregnant and your pre-pregnancy bras still feel good, then you can wait until late in your third trimester and get a few bras right before your baby comes. However, most women find that their pre-pregnancy bras start to get too constrictive way before their baby is due - if you're going to buy some new bras, you might as well get nursing bras so you can continue to use them after your baby is born.

I've heard that wearing underwire bras is bad while breastfeeding.
You have milk ducts throughout your breasts, including underneath and into your armpits. When there's constant pressure on a duct, it could clog or possibly even become infected (mastitis). Ill-fitting bras, especially badly fit underwire bras, can sometimes cause clogged ducts. You should definitely wear non-underwire nursing bras for the first 6-8 weeks while your breasts are adjusting, and after that, definitely to bed and preferably around the house. If you feel like you need the support and form of an underwire bra when going out, be sure that you get a bra that fits correctly and that the wire doesn't extend too far up on the sides.

I have another question about nursing bras that you haven't answered yet.
Give us a call at 818-380-3111 and we'll be happy to help you figure out everything about breastfeeding and bras. Or write your question in a comment below and we'll answer it here!

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