Saturday, November 14, 2015

Supported Birth Education

Your body already knows how to give birth - it just needs some preparation...

Supported Birth covers stages of labor, pain coping techniques, drugs, and cesareans as most typical childbirth classes do. What makes Supported Birth different from other Childbirth Preparation classes is that it is taught in an interactive and personalized way where couples will participate in discussions as opposed to only listening to lectures. Couples will use self-exploration and come out of class feeling empowered and positive about birth by learning there is no one right way to give birth. This class is especially good for women who have fears about giving birth and those attracted to the idea of natural childbirth.

This four week course educates women and their partners to make conscious choices about the birth of their baby based on a combination of technical knowledge, confidence in the natural biological process of birth, self exploration, and many different pain coping tools and techniques. Women and their partners will understand the importance of a woman’s need to feel safe & nurtured in her birthing environment. There is “no one right” way or method for giving birth.

Taught by Lauren Ryan, childbirth educator / labor and postpartum doula
Find out more about this class on Lauren's site

This 4-week series is offered every month on Tuesday nights from 7-10pm.

You can register for the Supported Birth series by calling the store at (818) 380-3111 or through the online registration page.

For class, soon-to-be parents should dress in comfortable clothing, as well as bring water and pillows.

Class 1
History of birth
Associations with birth
Partner’s strengths
Physiology (dilation & effacement)
First stage of labor
Pain coping exercise

Class 2
Pain coping exercise
Birth environment
Tools for dealing with pain
Sexuality of birth
Second stage of labor
Pain coping exercise
Practice positions

Class 3
Pain medication
Pitocin, induction, monitoring
Cesarean / complications
Pain coping exercise

Class 4
Trial Run cards
Postpartum- body, PPD, moods, support
Review stages of labor

Visit us at:
16101 Ventura Blvd. Suite 230
Encino, CA. 91436
p. (818) 380-3111 w.

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