Monday, November 9, 2015

Time to babyproof?

Parents worry endlessly about how to protect their children from strangers and violence, but many overlook one of the biggest threats to their children's safety and well-being — their own home. Whether your little bundle of joy is crawling, walking, or still perfecting tummy time, it's never too early to begin childproofing, so make sure you do so carefully.

Take Safety Measures

Is your sweet little munchkin pretending to be top chef by getting into all kitchen cabinets and appliances? Mommy's Helper Appliance Lok helps keep appliance door safe from little hands. It has a locking strap for refrigerator or stove and can be easily installed.

The most effective way to ensure your baby's safety is to take a baby's-eye view of your home. Get down on your hands and knees and see how things look from down there. What's within reach? What looks tempting? Where would you go if you could crawl, toddle, or walk?

This will help you figure out which cupboards, drawers, and other spaces your child might get into. As he starts walking and climbing, you'll have to reevaluate again, looking higher each time.

Carefully lock up or stow away every potential poison or other hazard, including cleaning products, medicines, vitamins, and knives. The cabinet and drawer latches by the American Red Cross help prevent children from opening cabinets and drawers. They also feature a two-step locking mechanism for added safety and can be easily installed in cabinets and drawers.

Aside from cabinets, closets and doors also quickly become a fun activity for your now physically active child. The Door Knob Safety Covers will help deter curious children from entering rooms or closets.

The over-sized grip design spins loosely around the door knob when a child tries to turn it, yet is easy for adults to grip and squeeze to open the door. In addition, the Lock-Guard feature covers the door handle locking button to protect against accidental lock-outs and fits all standard door knobs.

If you have bi-folding doors on your closets or cabinets, you can use the Bi-Fold Door Lock by the American Red Cross.

Sharp Turns Ahead

When babies start to crawl or walk, they're so excited by their new freedom, they won't bother 'watching their step.' To help insure they get to where they're going safely, certain precautions need to be taken. For example that beautiful coffee table smack in the middle of your living room, with the sharp edges, that you never gave a second thought about before kids... Your child apparently likes it as much as you do and feels the need to play there as often as possible. Now you can let him without worrying. Apply Jumbo Corner Guards to sharp corners of table, counters, cabinets, and anywhere else you have sharp corners. The full-length double-stick tape keeps the Corner Guards securely fastened and removes quickly and easily when no longer needed. They're also fire retardant, non-toxic and latex-free.

Protect Outlets

Kids are explorers by nature. It's a good idea to protect electrical outlets with outlet covers. The American Red Cross Hinged Outlet Covers help keep your child safe while providing access to one outlet and keeping the other covered. These are ideal for frequently used outlets and fit any standard electrical outlet. Their neutral color is less likely to attract children while its hinged design is sturdy, durable, and easy to use.

If your child is extra curious and you're worried these removable plug-in caps can eventually end up in your baby's mouth, replace the outlet covers themselves – at least those that are accessible – with ones that include a sliding safety latch.

The Universal Outlet Cover by KidCo works on both Standard and Decora style outlets. It automatically covers the outlet when plug is removed thanks to its sliding mechanism and ultimately prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet.

Go for the Glow

When your baby cries in the middle of the night, you don't want to go into their room and fumble around in the dark looking for things and you certainly don't want to turn on the big overhead light and completely wake them up. The Cool Touch Nursery Light by the American Red Cross provides a soft glowing light with a simple on/off button. It has cushioned pads for scratch-resistant tabletop use and it also has a mounted hanger for wall mounting.

Another option is to use a night light. The LED Night Light by the American Red Cross uses far less energy than standard light bulb. Its cool white light is not too bright for the nursery and its long life gives more than 30,000 hours of use. There are no bulbs to change for convenience and added economy. Its photo sensor turns the light on when room gets dark and off during daylight, while the lens remains cool to the touch.

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