Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Encouraging your Child to Talk

One of the best things about having a toddler is watching, and listening, as their language develops. They go from making sweet little goos and gahs, to being able to carry on a small conversation with you. Parents often tell us that talking with their kids is one of their most favorite things to do.

So how do you help support their speech development...

Talking with your child often, from the time they are very young and with lots of eye contact is how they will learn language the best. They'll start by mimicking and repeating and will want to talk back.

Scrap the baby talk, especially after the age of about 6-9 months when they start developing their first sounds. Use your regular grown up voices, and chances are they'll learn to communicate as effectively as you.

Since babies this young often get frustrated easily by not being able to express themselves, taking a sign language for babies class is an effective solution for many parents. They enrich parent-infant bond further enabling communication and interaction.

Try limiting pacifier use to nap and night time so when your tot is awake and active, they can also be verbal.

Ask Questions. Even if they don’t know the answer, or can’t verbalize it, they'll learn from hearing you tell them the answer and possibly repeat it. Most importantly, it includes them in the conversation, and allows them the opportunity to proactively interact with you.

Repeat words and sounds. Take the time to do so with some encouragement. When they try to say, “mmma,” you can say, “Mama, that’s right, mama.” Or as they get better at talking and they say, “Me do it!” feel free to say, “You want to do it? Okay, great, you do it.” This encourages them to hear and learn the correct way to pronounce words, not to mention, correct grammer.

Sing with them. Often kids can pick up the sounds in songs, or rhymes, earlier than they can pick up other words. Classes such as Kindermusik that encourage speech and movement through music stimulate all areas of child development.

We offer a variety of pre and post natal classes at A Mother's Haven to help you adjust and make a smooth transition into your rewarding new role as a mom.

To check out our class schedule and learn more about Kindermusik please visit our website. You can also register for a free preview class using our online registration page!

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