Saturday, September 26, 2015

The importance of eating eggs during pregnancy by Lauren Ryan

We had a discussion in my last childbirth class on eggs.  It is recommended that pregnant women eat 2 eggs a day.  Why are eggs so important?  Eggs are a great source of protein, provide 13 minerals and vitamins and are the most concentrated food source of choline.   Choline helps brain cells develop properly and may affect a baby’s ability to learn and remember.  Choline also helps protect babies against neural tube defects.  Another added bonus is that choline may help a pregnant woman’s brainpower.   Pregnant women need 450mg of choline per day and breastfeeding women need 550mg per day. 
Here is a breakdown of other food sources that contain choline besides eggs:

1/2 cup spinach: 240 mg
1 hard-boiled egg: 113 mg
1 medium potato: 105 mg
3 ounces boneless pork loin chop: 84 mg
1 cup cooked navy beans: 81 mg
3 ounces roasted chicken leg: 73 mg
3 ounces cod: 71 mg
3 ounces tilapia: 71 mg
3 ounces lean ground beef patty: 63 mg
3 ounces chicken breast: 60 mg
3 ounces sockeye salmon: 55 mg
1/2 cup cooked soybeans: 41 mg
1/2 cup cooked lima beans: 30 mg
2 tablespoons toasted wheat germ: 26 mg
1/ 2 cup cauliflower, raw or cooked: 24 mg
1/2 cup cooked spinach: 23 mg
1/4 cup pistachios: 20 mg
1/4 cup cashews: 21 mg

Lecithin is found in prenatal vitamins, which contains choline so most women are already getting some choline. 
What was interesting and slightly disturbing about this discussion is the lack of information OB's are giving their patients about nutrition in pregnancy.  OB's are focusing on what pregnant women shouldn't eat, which is a good thing, but not giving them guidance on what they should eat.  I cover nutrition in about 15 minutes in class and ask the women to do a food journal so they can be very aware of the amount of protein they are eating (which is 80-100 grams per day).  If you're pregnant, please make sure to have a discussion about nutrition with your OB early on.

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