Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Zoli Cups - 9oz and 6oz

After we heard everyone raves about (and asking for) the Zoli Cups, we are now carrying them in the boutique! Both the BOT XL 9oz and the BOT 6oz sizes, plus the replacements straws.

Moms like these sippy cups because the end of the straw is weighted and thus always goes to where the water is in the cup so baby always gets something to drink when they sip.  The silicone straws are flexible and safe for babies, and the whole cup is BPA & Phthalate free.  The top flips down to cover the straw for travel.  BOT is designed without a valve so that young children can sip more easily.

Wash & Care of your Zoli BOT Sippy Cup:
- Before you use your BOT for the first time, separate the lid from the cup (but leave the straw in) and clean all parts thoroughly with soap and water (or on the top rack of your dishwasher).
- DO NOT remove the straw from the lid to clean.  Leave the straw in the lid, and hold it under running water.  Gently rub the silicone straw between your fingers with the water running through it, and then squeeze the tip of the straw to release any extra water.
- The silicone straws will wear out over time, so regularly inspect yours straws and replace them when needed.  We sell replacement straws here at A Mother's Haven.
- The straw's weighted ball does contain metal, so DO NOT microwave.
- Avoid putting carbonated drinks or juices with pulp in the cup. Because the BOT is valve-free, it may drip or leak if shaken or held upside down.

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