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Instructor Feature - An Interview with Danielle Vorzimer, Psy.D

We hope that you're enjoying finding out more about our incredible instructors at A Mother's Haven Boutique & Educational Center. We are so thankful to have them here to teach all of our moms & babies and to create our wonderful community!

Our next interview is with Danielle Vorzimer - our moms have the great experience of being with Danielle in our Mommy and Me or Mothers' Gathering classes, where we put together about 10 new moms with babies all born around the same time. Everyone's going through the same stages and issues, and the instructor educates and supports the whole group through the huge life change of raising a baby!

AMH: Danielle, what can new moms expect to learn or get from your Mothers' Gathering class?
Danielle: Not only will they gather information and incredible support through other moms but they will also form invaluable friendships. This class creates an environment where new moms can share their experiences in a safe and understanding forum and they learn so much through that.

AMH: What is your philosophy on parenting?
Danielle: I’m a big believer in trial and error. Most questions don’t have a simple yes or no answer - at the end of the day, you’re gonna do what works for you and your child. I feel that parents are the real experts on their own children.

AMH: How would you describe yourself in 5 words or less?
Danielle: Committed, thoughtful, empathic, good listener... Actually, I was voted best listener in high school!

AMH: What inspires you?
Danielle: My family is my biggest source of inspiration. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful husband and 4 amazing children. (Ethan, age 1, and three teenage step-children with whom she has a very close relationship)

AMH: How do you stay current in your field?
Danielle: I continue to take classes, go to seminars, and read online articles especially from the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Association, and LA County Psychiatric Association.

AMH: What products/resources would you recommend to new or expecting moms?
Danielle: There are so many products I use and recommend. I love the Ergo Baby Carrier! I use it every day. Dr. Brown Bottles are my favorite. The Motherlove nipple cream is fantastic and I absolutely adore the Aden + Anais lovies. I haven’t seen them anywhere else - I’m so excited we carry them. They’re so soft and breathable. I never have to worry about giving them to Ethan to play with.

AMH: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Danielle: That I have 3 teenage step-children and that we get along so well. (You wouldn’t think it, given that she looks like a college student herself!)

AMH: Favorite hobby? past-time?
Danielle: Yoga for sure! I also love hiking and walking, and I enjoy doing all those things with Ethan.

AMH: Favorite spot in LA?
Danielle: My house! (she says joking) Since I love hiking so much, I enjoy going to Runyon Canyon and Fryman too. I’ll just put Ethan in the Ergo Carrier and we’re off. I also love eating out at Katsu Ya in Encino!

AMH: Favorite place to travel?
Danielle: We just got back from Hawaii. It's a great place to visit with whole family - we went with all four kids. I had Ethan in the Ergo a lot when we were hiking. On the plane he spent a lot of time playing with his O-Ball and his favorite teether.

AMH: Best advice you've ever gotten?
Danielle: My mom would always say - Balance is the key to happy living.

AMH: Favorite advice to give new/expecting moms?
Danielle: I remind them to keep it light and fun... and to allow yourself to tolerate the unknown. And most importantly lean on other moms!

Danielle Vorzimer, Psy.D. earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University in 2010. Danielle received her B.A. in psychology from Indiana University in 2004 and her M.A. in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University in 2006. Danielle has several years of experience working with adults and children of all ages, including parents & infants, at the Child Development Institute in Woodland Hills, The Help Group in Sherman Oaks, and The Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills. Danielle has received a year of training facilitating Mindful Parenting groups with mothers and their babies, and has a special interest in Mindful Parenting theories. She also has experience researching parent-child interactions in the field of third party reproduction.

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You can learn more on our website about the Mothers' Gathering classes that Danielle teaches. Also check out the cute photos of the graduating Mothers' Gathering classes in our Facebook album!

Visit us at:
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